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Perfect for EYFS and KS1-5
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When you think of percussion instruments, your mind probably jumps straight to drums and cymbals. At Beat Goes On, we’ve always challenged that impression with our range of innovative body percussion workshops. Now, we’re taking that one stage further with Boomwhackers and Bamboo Tamboo!

This engaging workshop combines two tubular percussion instruments that will allow your students to explore rhythms and cultures from around the world.

Our Boomwhackers and Bamboo Tamboo workshops are available for EYFS all the way through to Key Stage 5. During the session, your pupils will:

  • perform using boomwhackers (hollow, plastic tubes that make a specific pitch when hit) to explore movement and melody
  • explore the music and culture of Trinidad & Tobago
  • compose their own music using the boomwhackers and bamboo tamboo

These sessions are based on whole-class music making and group composition. Promoting well-being through energetic participation, this highly accessible workshop will open up new musical opportunities for your pupils.

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Ridiculously fun day! Even my most rhythmically challenged student ended up grooving with the best of them.

Highly recommend for any age group.

LIzzie Nurse

Sherborne Girls School

Arts Award & Artsmark

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